Flamingo – starting my first blog!

Something very special! Thanks to my beloved Polly Desheva (check her amazing instagram at @pollydesheva) and WebDesh (also @webdesh) I now have a personal bog! My own magical world! I know Polly back from High School when she came to be an intern teacher and choose to teach my class. Six years later I was lost and needed help. At some reason I decided to contact her and she was that good to respond. Almost an year from then we end up working together and I’m very happy to be part of her great team! I’m very thankful that I’ve met her and I really appreciat that she supports me to do what I love and enjoy! Thou, she’s not the only person doing that. I really love you people – you know who you are (my very special friends, for which I’ll always have a special place in my heart no matter what) – and thank you for being there for me.
Now, when I have a blog I’m really motivated to share more from me. That’s why I choose the drawing for this post to be a flamingo. Flamingos, from ancient times, are know as a spiritual animals. They’re related with strong emotions and the need to show them. They symbolize balance as well, which is something I try to maintain through my spiritual journey. Teamwork – these bird have always a common purpose and they are working for a community. Flamingos also hold in their meaning sociability and forgiveness. All of which meaning I find very special for me.
P.S. I saw the flamingo on pinterest. This one is not my idea but I was inlove with it so I had to made it!
P.S. If you are looking for an amazing blog or you need a website ––> www.webdesh.com trust me!

Lora Bazhdarska

Written by Lora Bazhdarska

Very inquisitive, loving art, young Yogi, hippie undercover, nature lover and the freedom that it brings. Believer in the impossible and that we must make love, not war!

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