Get to know yourself better

“Magic can happen when powerful energies come together.”

Going back to something I did not so long ago. I didn’t want to post it back then but today I have some thoughts related to it. It is written “Get to know yourself”. A time ago I started this amazing journey and I was very satisfied with the things I was experiencing. But suddenly something happened and I again lost my spirituality. I was reading this book about chakras but somehow the Universe didn’t wanted me to get the knowledge about the last two of them. Now I have finished the book and I’m trying to get back to that kind of personal “spiritual ritual” that I used to have. So, today while exploring some new stuff I found out a cool video in #youtube in which it was said that “Magic can happen when powerful energies come together”. A sentence that caught up my attention. So, we ourselves … we are a source of energy and the Mother Earth as well, so if we make the effort to find the balance, try to synchronize with her vibes, maybe we will find that magical form of living that everyone of us is looking for … or at least the more awaken people on this planet (no offense). So guided by the heart chakra I think I somehow find my way back to the spiritual life and I’ll try to find the balance for me, because I really believe in #magic , you know! 🔮🌌🧘🏼‍♀️🕉🌸
– Midnight thoughts

Lora Bazhdarska

Written by Lora Bazhdarska

Very inquisitive, loving art, young Yogi, hippie undercover, nature lover and the freedom that it brings. Believer in the impossible and that we must make love, not war!

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